Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is SMS an Effective Tool to Promote, Market, Sell and Lease Properties?

In one word - YES   Wherever you drive today, you will see signs by Real Estate companies, Home Builders, Apartment and Condo Complexes and Property Management firms with signs that display one common trait - a phone number and perhaps a contact name to call. However, most people don't want to talk with a sales agent until they know more about the property, they just want the facts and property signs just don't give them that.  One way to overcome this reluctance is to communicate with prospects on the device that virtually every adult now carries and the tool that delivers your message instantly - SMS Text Messaging!  

So how can a SMS Text Messaging program help provide more information on properties, if it can only send 160 characters.  Advanced Text Messaging Platforms have the ability to create Mobile Web Pages that are designed to fit the smaller screens of Mobile and Smartphones.  These pages are easily created with wizard driven screens that allow its users to include the following information on their Page:
  • Unlimited Textal Content that describes the property
  • Property Pictures of key features and amenities
  • YouTube Video links to provide even greater exposure
  • Provide information on closeouts, specials and other incentives
  • Web Links to other sites including your own Website
  • Ability to include links to your other properties
The Mobile Web Page provides the Property Manager with an easy to use flexible platform that doesn't require an expensive developer to deliver a message to ALL prospect Internet capable Mobile and Smartphones. The Mobile Web Page link is simply added to the Text Message responder message when a prospect texts into your Texting Keyword placed on your signs.  Responder Messages are the messages your prospects receive back when they text into your Text Message Keywords placed on your signs.  An example of adding Texting to your signs might look like:  For more information, text abcproperty to 99999.  

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