Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mobile Phone Marketing Alternatives to Mobile Apps

A Mobile App is great for interacting with your customers.  It's flexible, informative, increases customer engagement and pretty much does everything that a mobile website can do.

However, there are some disadvantages when considering a Mobile App for your business.   For starters, which platform will it be built on?  IOS? Android? Both?  Developers have access to tools and emulators that will create the code necessary for each platform, but the more complex the app, the more that individual platform coding will be needed.  This raises another area of concern for business when your app could potentially run differently on each platform.

Users have access to hundreds of apps and download many.  However, they are selective in which are running due to many reasons including battery life, unnecessary notifications and other.  If your app isn't active on their phone, they will miss your promotions, notices and updates.   Updates are crucial, especially if your app is taking advantage of new features and your users are on different versions.

And then there is the cost!  How complex is your app?  How many languages?  How will you handle app maintenance?  What happens when a new IOS or Android version is released?  Who will do the testing?  Keeping your app current can be costly.

However, there are alternatives to these gotchas!  There are various SMS Marketing platforms offered by different vendors with pretty much the same set of features.  You may be asking SMS?  How can that possibly compare to a Mobile App?  It can't.  But what IT CAN DO is provide you with the ability to create Mobile Web Landing Pages, Mobile Coupons, Include YouTube Videos, Links to Web sites and online store fronts for your marketing promotions.  How does it do this?  The text message contains a link to the Mobile Web Landing Page created by the SMS Marketing Platform!

It also eliminates the gotchas of Mobile Apps.  Text Messages are received across all Mobile Phones, Android and Apple.  According to statistics, Text Messages are opened over 90% of the time and within minutes of receipt.  No app programming or maintenance is needed as your message travels over SMS eliminating the high cost of creating and maintaining an app.

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