Saturday, September 10, 2011

Consider MultiChannel Marketing to reach your Customers and Prospects

As we begin to prepare for the Holiday shopping season, Business should consider using all of the Internet Marketing resources available to them.  Forrester Research tells us that a growing number of retailers are becoming multichannel as more of their sales are coming through their web divisions than ever before.  This has been an ongoing trend as the web channel has outpaced the sales of the physical retail channel for years.  Source: Sucharita Mulpuru, Forrester Research.

So what is Mutli-Channel Marketing?  In the old days, this would include flyers, Newspaper Ads, mailings and other forms of traditional marketing.  But today, Multi-Channel Marketing uses the Internet to reach your customers with Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), attractive visual Email campaigns, Web sites, video and Text Messaging that can include both Web Pages designed to fit the smaller screens of Mobile phones and video from YouTube or your own videos stored on participating server services.

So why use Multi-Channel Marketing?
  • Portable devices provide easy access to the Internet from anywhere
  • Popularity of Social Networking such as Facebook and Twitter continues to grow
  • Higher Bandwidth on wired and wireless connections making Video mainstream
  • Technologies such as Text Messaging that delivers instant messaging to subscribers
  • Customer referrals from easier sharing of information across all channels
The power and dynamics of the Internet has changed the way consumers get their information.   To grow your Business in today's Internet driven world, you need to stay in front of your clients and Multi-Channel Marketing helps you do that.

Ron Cregier

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